Delicious Innovation

Delicious Innovation

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My name is Nouel, also known as Nifty Chef in the publishing world, an Innovation Chef and a Concept Artist.

Chef Nouel brings almost twenty years of experience in the hotel and food industry, most specifically in the world of desserts. If you’ve come looking for innovation support for your existing or new restaurant business, you are at the right place.

Scroll down and find out why working together with Chef Nouel is the sweetest thing you’ll ever make.



Show-stopping, picture-perfect desserts are now the standard. Menus are created evoking fun and excitement. Your desserts must inspire your customers that these end up getting shared on social media - the best form of marketing there is today. Get your customers spreading the word!

signature desserts


A dessert menu that is strong enough to stand on its own and one that is uniquely YOU! Customers will immediately know it’s nowhere to be found but in your own restaurant no matter how hard others try copying your dish. It’s your signature dessert!

delicious dessert


Enough said! Your dessert is Instagram-perfect, it is unique and, hence, it must definitely taste good! Undoubtedly, this is your ultimate pièce de résistance!

Brands that love the chef!