Patissier, Innovator & Concept Artist - Chef Nouel Omamalin

Patissier, Innovator & Concept Artist - Chef Nouel Omamalin

Chef Nouel

a.k.a. The Nifty Chef

My story has a very humble beginning - preparing sweet treats with my mother in our home kitchen and learning techniques from recipe books. But it was the dream to fly high in the sky as a respectable patissier that transported me to the world of hotel kitchens leading multi-national teams in different countries and competing on an international scale. My success allowed me to gain recognition from the industry and eventually to publish my own book, Nouel’s Nifty Chic Baking

Since 2013, I have provided development support to various brands within the GCC specifically in KSA, Kuwait, and the UAE. This involved research and development work writing menus and creating new dessert items. These companies are either existing or start-up with capital valuation ranging from small time (home-grown) businesses to major multi-unit investments. 

Over the years, these brands have remained profitable and have grown and expanded. Thanks to the three major thrusts I firmly believe in creating a successful dessert menu: show-stopping or instagramable, signature or unique and delicious! 

What makes me different?

  • I don’t duplicate menus. It’s a big no no! Even with multiple clients, there is a distinction in concept, presentation and taste. It’s an ethical way of doing business.

  • I work with you. Your ideas and beliefs are as important as my professional experience. I am here to realize your dream.

  • I like crazy. Craziness is good! I encourage it. I keep an open mind and professionally accept criticism. We shape the business together.

  • Vast network in the industry. I am well connected to major suppliers locally and internationally ensuring you have access to the latest technology and materials. I have collaborated with many known brands and this is essential in staying up-to-date in the market.

  • Flexible. I support both small and big businesses improving available choices in the market and encouraging healthy competition. Consider me as your food business incubator. Whether your capital is limited or overflowing, there is a special space for you.


For the last ten years, I have tapped on numerous international and local brands such as Valrhona, TCHO chocolate (US), Auro Chocolate (Philippines), MEC3, Elle & Vire, Puratos, and learning institutions (e.g. Allspice Institute, Singapore). It either involved extensive brand support or as a brand ambassador (e.g. masterclasses). This has provided a much stronger link between my suppliers and my clients. 

This relationship is very important as it allows the innovation work to continuously progress. It benefits you, as a supplier, and the businesses as the end-user. It’s like pushing new app updates on your phone - there is always something new to play around with. 

Even if you are already a concept incubator with an in-house F&B team, having a specialist in the field of desserts can make a difference.

How big or small you are as a brand, let’s work together! The market is in constant need of new materials.

Concept Building

Recently, I have expanded my services providing a more turn-key type of solution to entrepreneurs. 

Creating a brand from scratch is the most exciting yet challenging part. This is where I come in. I tap different talents combined with my expertise in product innovation to create a more tangible business idea you can pitch your capital in. 

The next success story could be YOU!