What is food innovation?

In my own terms, it is to create a new product, like a signature dessert, from scratch.

how do you innovate desserts?

First, I need to know what kind of desserts you have in mind - it can be based on images from Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or any social media channel. Sometimes, it can be from a menu you have tried in a local or international restaurant. Or, it can simply be an out-of-this-world inspiration.

After getting this information, then the concept is created by means of sketches and recipes.

does it cost much to create a signature dessert menu?

Yes, it normally does!

Imagine yourself shopping for new clothes to impress your wife, husband or date. If you really want to win the person, you invest in high-quality clothing. In business, there are no second chances. You need to impress your customers at the very beginning by investing in a reputable innovation chef who can create for you an award-winning dessert menu.

Remember, if you simply copy ideas from the Internet or from others, customers will not trust you and you have everything to lose!

how long does it take to finish a menu?

Usually, it takes from one to three months. It depends on how big the dessert menu is and how intricate you want it to be.

where are you based?

I am currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, it doesn’t stop me from assisting you wherever you are in the world.

are you open for collaboration?

Yes, definitely!

I enjoy working on special projects and masterclasses - like a tailor-made class for your hotel or restaurant chefs. You could be a skills and talent institution, a brand or a private individual requiring culinary inspiration, innovation or collaboration.

Any other questions?

Simply email me and let’s talk! I look forward to it.